How Facebook Can Affect Your Productivity

Remove Facebook App from your phone
Frequency: single
Duration: <1min

The blunt truth is that 99% of the times you open Facebook on the phone it’s to poke around.
I can’t deny that Facebook is a super necessary tool for a lot of things.
I make money from Facebook myself and I need it to keep in touch with my customers and
collaborators in addition to marketing my blog, my books and my online courses.
In addition, it is there that I communicate with friends and professional contacts that I have made over the nearly 6
years I spent studying and working on the Brazil-United States-Europe air shuttle.
But the good thing is to delete the Facebook App application from your cell phone and replace it with the lighter version
Facebook Messenger.
In addition to taking up an inordinate amount of space in your smartphone’s memory, the Facebook App
comes with all the addictive features that Mark Zuckerberg’s company offers: notifications,
newsfeeds, ads, videos, etc.

On Facebook Messenger, you don't waste time gossiping and waiting for a red ball
on the notifications button.
It's Facebook without distractions!
The only notification you'll get there will be that important inbox message and period.

Block Facebook when you have something important to do
Daily frequency
Duration: <1minute

Over the years I've found that my productivity increases dramatically when I'm on the
Facebook blocked on computer.
On Mac, I use a program called SelfControl. If you have Windows OS at home,
download apps like Stop Procrastinating, StayFocusd and Browse Control.
At SelfControl you make a list of the "evil" sites that make you procrastinate and reduce your
productivity. On my list are Facebook, Twitter and even
Finished the list? Then just choose the duration of the blackout and press the start button.
The cool thing about this app is that when you click start it doesn't come back. Sites will remain blocked until
the countdown is over.
There is no mimimi. It's no use restarting the computer. And that's really what you need.
Another good alternative is to put your cell phone in airplane mode. Besides saving the battery, you don't
will receive no notifications nor will he be able to access the internet to procrastinate.

Disable push notifications from your smartphone
Frequency: single
Duration: 2 minutes

You know those Whatsapp and Facebook notifications that appear by themselves on your screen
smartphone and make your device vibrate every time someone sends something?
These are the push notifications, the #1 enemies of productivity.
Go through the settings of each app and turn off all push notifications.
I guarantee you that your cell phone will leave you alone.




i am a dreamer who wants to expand his knowledge

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Ailton B

Ailton B

i am a dreamer who wants to expand his knowledge

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